CatioVital Youth Treatment CatioVital Youth Treatment

Customised Rejuvenating Treatment, Based On Beauty Goal

Exclusive Treatment method that visibly enhances and rejuvenates the skin. A genuine alternative to Aesthetic Medicine that immediately acts on signs of skin ageing.

The skin is visibly younger-looking, suppler, firmer and more radiant.

Your professional care is carried out by your qualified esthetician and trained in specific Mary Cohr care techniques.

As an intensive Treatment, 1 session per week for 3 weeks.
As an intensive global rejuvenating Treatment (1 Age Repair / 1 CatioVital Youth / 1 CatioVital Lifting): 1 Treatment per week for 3 weeks.

Skin Type :

All types, Normal skin, Tired skin

Duration :

50 - 60 minutes 

Treatment type :

Salon Face Care Treatments

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