Intradermal Cellulite

Smoothing anti-cellulite serum, in-depth action

Dimpled cellulite is visibly reduced

The skin is visibly smoother and firmer

Body contours are slimmed down

• Lipolysin : Reduces the appearance of cellulite by turning "fat storing" white adipocytes into brown adipocytes which promote the breakdown of lipids.

• Cellulysium : Contributes to prevent cellulite by limiting the amount of fat and the transformation of preadipocytes into mature adipocytes.

• Red Vine Extract : Promotes drainage by activating microcirculation and removing released lipids.

• Crelastin : Firms the skin by stimulating the synthesis of dermal support fibres (collagen and elastin).

​Use as an intensive 2-week treatment on problem areas.Massage vigorously into the skin until fully absorbed. Pay particular attention to areas requiring treatment (arms, buttocks, thighs, hips).
For rapidly visible results, use an exfoliating scrub every other day to promote the penetration of active ingredients into the skin.

Texture :


Skin Type :

All types, Normal skin

Target zone :

Intradermal Cellulite

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