Vital Essences Body Care

Firming, decongesting and slimming gel

The vital functions of the skin are reactivated

Prepares the skin to receive specific skincare (Slimming, Firmness, etc.) and increases its effectiveness

• Essential Oils (Lavender, Sage and Rosemary) : Improve the absorption, distribution and effectiveness of active ingredients. Regenerate, soothe, purify, and restore energy.

• Caffeine : Acts on lipolysis to reshape the figure.

• Pro-Oxygen (Derived from Corn Extract) : Helps oxygen transform into cellular energy.

• Phycol EC : Helps counteract water retention.

• Pentavitin (Sugar Complex, derived from Wheat) : Moisturises the skin.

Apply to the body before your specific skincare product (Slimming, Firmness, etc.).
Can be used alone or as a complementary product in addition to regular skincare to increase effects and maximise effectiveness.

Texture :


Skin Type :

All types, Normal skin

Target zone :

Vital Essences Body Care

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