Beauté Aromatique Treatment Beauté Aromatique Treatment

Personalised Treatment With Essential Oils

A Beauty Care Treatment that uses the active properties of Essential Oils and is adapted to each beauty goal.

At the end of the session, the client can visibly see the effectiveness of this Treatment with Essential Oils and the results on her specific beauty goal. The skin is perfectly relaxed and the face radiates with beauty.

A treatment that combines effectiveness with pleasure of the senses, taking clients on a marvellous journey of beauty and serenity, thanks to the enchanting scents of Essential Oils, which are adapted to each beauty goal:
- Vitality/ Youth.
- Moisturisation.
- Nourishment.
- Purity.
- Soothing Care.

The Beauty enhancing properties of Essential Oils
1. The extraordinary power of penetration into the skin.
2. The release of the Essential Oils’ energising skincare properties deep down.

Massage with Essential Oils
Under the Beauty Therapist’s expert fingers, the Essential Oils release their beneficial properties deep into the skin, releasing tension and relaxing the face.

Mask with 5 plant extracts
Relaxes facial features and adds radiance to the skin.

Intensive Treatment: 1 Treatment per week for 1 month.
Skincare maintenance: 1 Treatment per month.

Skin Type :

All types, Normal skin, Dehydrated skin, Oily skin, Dry skin, Dull skin, Tired skin, Sensitive skin

Duration :

50 minutes

Treatment type :

Salon Face Care Treatments


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