Nutri Repair Serum

Restores, restructures dry skin

The skin is intensely nourished
The skin is protected against dryness
The skin feels soothed and moisturised

Pro-Ceramides: Stimulate the synthesis of the major lipid components in the skin, allowing it to restructure its dermal barrier function.
Jojoba Oil: Rebalances the hydrolipidic film structure and promotes regeneration.
Liposkin: Helps rebuild the hydrolipidic film to diminish Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL).
Apricot Kernel Oil: Intensely nourishes skin.
Hydrosmose® Complex: Moisturises skin and restores comfort with lasting results.

Apply morning and evening to face and neck, underneath your regular cream.

Texture :


Skin Type :

Dry skin

Target zone :

Nutri Repair Serum

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