Good treatments require good Beauty Therapists, and good Beauty Therapists require good treatments.

Jean Daniel Mondin, Guinot-Mary Cohr group founder

Guinot-Mary Cohr Academy

Professional cosmetology, make-up and perfumery school.

Guinot-Mary Cohr Academy

Created in 2012, the Guinot-Mary Cohr Academy has become a leading institution with 400 students across various cosmetology diploma programmes.

Located in the heart of the 9th arrondissement of Paris in a prestigious and renowned neighbourhood, the school offers nationally recognised Level III and V diplomas.

The school provides motivated, professional Beauty Therapists with training courses adapted to the beauty salon business.





The Guinot-Mary Cohr Academy offers initial training courses ranging from CAP to BTS diplomas, on a full-time or work-study basis, in Cosmetology, Make-up and Perfumery. 
The training programmes we offer meet national examination requirements.

After obtaining their diplomas, Guinot-Mary Cohr Academy graduates go on to become beauty salon professionals or entrepreneurs in the beauty industry.

Maude Lapoumeyroulie, Guinot-Mary Cohr Academy Director 
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Guinot-Mary Cohr Academy

Guinot-Mary Cohr Academy


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