Incredible Hydrating Cream

The skin is incredibly hydrated and younger-looking

The skin feels soft and comfortable

The skin looks radiantly beautiful

• Aqua Cellular Complex (Aquasilanol and Hydrosmose® Complex with Hyaluronic Acid) : Stimulates the 3 fundamental hydration mechanisms :
- Water retention: : by reinforcing and restructuring the skin’s barrier to limit transepidermal water loss.
- Water diffusion : by stimulating the synthesis of aquaporins (proteins that facilitate the transport of water between cells).
- Water storage : by stimulating the synthesis of filaggrin. This protein helps form molecules that retain moisture in the epidermal layer (NMF: Natural Moisturising Factor).

Apply to the entire face daily, morning and evening.

Texture :


Skin Type :

All types, Normal skin, Dehydrated skin

Target zone :


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