Mary Cohr
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Leading beauty salon brand

Mary Cohr, leading beauty salon treatment brand in France.

For the last 40 years, Mary Cohr's mission has been to help women become more attractive using its exclusive and innovative treatments.

At Mary Cohr, beauty professionals known as Beauty Therapists combine their expertise with Mary Cohr treatment methods to achieve instantly visible results..

The son of a plastic surgeon, current President and CEO of the Guinot-Mary Cohr Group Jean Daniel Mondin obtained a PhD in pharmacy.

With this new-found expertise, his own vision and medical background, Mondin redefined the concept of ‘cosmetics’.

One of the few people in the world to have a scientific background and manage a cosmetics company, Mondin decided to create a high-tech laboratory that voluntarily complied with the high standards of the pharmaceutical industry..

In its VIP treatment room, the beauty salon of the Hôtel Georges V in Paris offered exclusive treatments to a foreign VIP clientele visiting the French capital. The brand’s popularity and renown spread by word of mouth from this prestigious location!

Mary Cohr has chosen the beauty salon as the only suitable professional facility serious enough for qualified Beauty Therapists to carry out beauty treatments.

In beauty salons, women discovered a highly professional environment where the Beauty Therapist, like a ‘Beauty Doctor’, prescribed the products most suited to their skin.

Today, the Mary Cohr brand is the beauty salon market leader. 

Key dates

Jean-Daniel Mondin, a renowned scientist with a degree in pharmacy, and Mary Cohr, an eminent beauty professional and educator who dedicated her knowledge to teaching and training Beauty Therapists, meet for the first time.

Jean-Daniel Mondin and Mary Cohr develop innovative formulas and design salon treatment methods.

Mary Cohr expresses novel ideas focusing on balancing manual techniques and effective treatment products in salons.

The brand is launched internationally.

Mary Cohr treatments are offered in beauty salons by Beauty Therapists trained as Beauty Doctors.

The professionalism of Beauty Therapists and the effectiveness of treatments ensure the rapid success of beauty salons and the brand.

CatioVital is created.

The green and yellow logo is created. :
Yellow represents the Essential Oils extracted from plants.
Green symbolises pharmacy.

Essences Creams are created. Their originality lies in their composition, which contains Essential Oils in hydrogel form due to a new patented process that allows better absorption of the active ingredients in the skin, making them even more effective.
Mary Cohr positions itself as a brand with expert treatment products with the effectiveness of medicine for improving the skin’s appearance.

The Group rolls out the brand to pilot partner salons and develops a franchise network.

TechniSPA launches a slimming revolution in beauty salons.

The concept of affiliated salons is created to reinforce the consistency and quality of salon services.

The Guinot-Mary Cohr Academy opens.

The connected beauty salon becomes a reality (application, website, Facebook, etc.).

‘Beauty Masters’, the nationwide contest for the best Guinot-Mary Cohr employees, is created.