Mary Cohr
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Marketing & communication

Exclusive offers and products launches at your beauty salon

Your partnership gives you access to all our marketing materials on new products and promotions in line with your salon’s marketing calendar.  

Promote offers and products to increase your salon’s performance.These offers and launches will be presented to you at your salon by a regional representative, and trainers will train you in Mary Cohr methods to ensure you provide customers with the best possible services.

Ikosoft, a simplified salon management tool

The Ikosoft software Success is a simple tool to manage your accounting, customer relations, inventory, etc.With it, you can manage schedules, customer databases, and inventory. You can also send direct mail, direct email and SMS marketing campaigns as well as extract your management ratios.

Ikosoft Success functions suited to salon management

Brush up on management organisation and methods and maximise your salon’s performance with Ikosoft using the following functions:

  • Customer database 
  • Appointment book
  • Inventory management 
  • Invoicing
  • Online orders
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Performance statistics