Mary Cohr
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Scientific innovations

Exclusive treatment methods with spectacular results

Mary Cohr has created innovative machines to carry out new, revolutionary treatment methods.

CatioVital Cellular Energy

A bespoke youth treatment with CatioVital, personalised according to your beauty objective

The ageing process begins at birth. Skin cells become less active.
Cells lack energy and reproduce at a much slower rate.
Elastic fibres synthesise more slowly, and the first signs of ageing appear.
CatioVital Jeunesse is a patented treatment method that restores the cellular activity of youthful skin.
This treatment, personalised according to your beauty objective (anti-ageing, anti-wrinkles, moisturising, nourishing, softening, purifying, brightening, sun preparation/repair, etc.), is only carried out by Mary Cohr professionals who have undergone high-quality training.

A viable alternative to aesthetic medicine

CatioVital Jeunesse acts instantly to reduce signs of skin ageing.
At the end of the treatment, the skin is visibly more youthful, supple, radiant and firm.


This professional treatment combines 3 innovative technologies with the unrivalled effectiveness of Actiserums applied at the beginning of the treatment.
The results are visible and measurable after just one session!

Double Knead and Roll

This exclusive, cutting-edge technique provides quicker, more visible results. Using aspiration, massage is carried out in areas of concern to reduce the appearance of unwanted curves in the body.

Double Ionisation

While carrying out the physical movements of the Double Knead and Roll technique, Double Ionisation also releases active slimming ingredients which, once absorbed, improve and extend the treatment’s effectiveness.

Thermal effect

The heat-diffusing process softens fat on the skin's surface and increases the skin's microcirculation. These two actions improve drainage, soothing and smoothing dimpled skin.

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