Treatment properties

Mary Cohr looks to nature for the best beauty ingredients to help women.

Treatment properties

Mary Cohr was the first brand in beauty salons to create beauty treatments with active ingredients kept as close as possible to their natural form for maximum benefits.

Drawing on three core values - Safe, Effective and Natural - Mary Cohr selects plants from which to extract active ingredients, which are then added to products in the highest possible concentrations to ensure the best beauty results. 

At the forefront of cutting-edge research in beauty and skincare, the Mary Cohr brand continues to make great strides in the science of beauty, allowing Beauty Therapists to offer women spectacular beauty results.

Mary Cohr’s innovation lies in its unique, exclusive beauty treatments, which bring together patented technologies and professional aromatherapy practices.

The Beauty Therapist’s expert manoeuvres combined with the medicinal properties of Essential Oils and other natural active ingredients allow women to see changes in just one hour that they had never seen before. 

Mary Cohr uses Essential Oils in its salon treatment methods.

Professional aromatherapy is a combination of :
• the Beauty Therapist’s expert hands,
• the medicinal properties of Essential Oils,
• natural active ingredients that treat the skin.









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